Last Minute Gift Guide
Holidays, Winter

River District businesses are open and invite you to browse their amazing selections of in stock merchandise, ready to be wrapped up and put under your tree.

One of the many reasons to shop local is that there is no wait time. You see what you like and you buy it on the spot. You can try it on, compare, contrast and return. We can say with 100% certainty that your package will not get lost in the mail and you won't be staring out your window until 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve waiting for it to arrive.

The River District is home to a wide array of shops all at your disposal from beautiful hand-selected house wears and decor to toys of all kinds, clothes for everyone, and enough books that you could get lost in them for a day, you’re pretty much covered on any of your straightforward holiday gift giving.

Now that you’ve covered Grandma, Cousin Mark and the kids what about the most difficult to buy for? The River District offers some of the most unique gift giving opportunities that you could ever imagine.

The Art Lover
Take a walk through one of several galleries available to you in the River District. Find a gold mine of local artistry all at your disposal. Stroll through the abstract the realism and the just plain beautiful. Hold a piece of delicately hand-spun wood in your hand and marvel at the delicate workmanship. Find a sassy looking gargoyle or an ironwork masterpiece. Is hand-crafted local pottery more suited to your gift giving needs? The River District boasts a large collection of pottery from the fine and delicate to the everyday workhorse pieces.

gargoyle with decorations


The Active Enthusiast
So the person you need to buy for loves the feel of the open road beneath their feet at 5 a.m. They hit the gym 3 times a week and take their fitness very seriously. Or they’ve decided that 2022 is going to be the year they take their fitness more seriously. The River District has several options to choose from for the most strict athlete to the weekend warrior. You can find several shoe stores where you can locate the perfect and most supportive shoes for any activity. Running wear, compression gear, sports equipment are all within arms reach. Maybe the person you are buying for needs a bike or needs a membership to keep their golf swing at its peak during the long winter months. Maybe you want to give the gift of self-defense or the calm and tranquil stretches that yoga has to offer. Or maybe your nephew has always wanted to learn to dance. These gifts can all be found in the River District and while not all will fit under the tree a gift certificate would.

young dancers


The Wellness Buff
Quick, the person you need a gift for loves crystals, massages, and anything spa or wellness related, it’s 2 days before Christmas what are you going to do? First, you’re not going to panic, you’re going to come to the River District and go into one of the many wellness businesses it has to offer. The shop owners are well versed in which crystal does what and while you’re at it maybe pick up one that helps to reduce stress and keep that in your pocket. From reiki to massage a float, cleansing, and detox the River District is rich in wellness businesses. The gift of wellness is always appreciated and always well accepted.

interior salt cave


The Maker
Is there a maker in your life? The person who takes on any hobby or craft and finds the calm in making things for themselves or others? Because the River District is so rich in arts it is also home to all of the tools and supplies you could need to put those art pieces together. From projects made of fabric or yarn clay or paint you can find the materials here. Is the person you are buying for maybe inexperienced in the hobby they want to take up? There are so many kind and wonderful people in the River District just waiting to share their talents. Book them a class as a gift and let them take their hobby to the next level. Join them for an evening of painting just for fun, glazing and painting ceramics, or try your hand at pottery. The River District isn’t just a place to buy nice things, a whole world of experiences are available to anyone interested.


The Foodie
Food, we need it to live but what is living without good food? The River District is home to some of the best food you can find in the City. Yes, you can give food as a gift! In fact, for many, it's encouraged. Food creates a feeling and a memory and doesn’t stick around in storage for months or years only to be taken out when the gift giver visits. Whether it’s a gift of a meal out with your company or a gift certificate to a special restaurant, food is never a gift that gets awkwardly returned in the new year. In addition to the restaurants, the River District is a caffeine and specialty beverage haven. Pick up a bag of their favourite locally roasted beans, buy them a reusable mug and put a gift card inside. The options are endless when it comes to food and there is not a person on the planet that is ungrateful for a gift consisting of their favourite food. Not sure about a host gift or have a group gift to give? A gift basket or a box of assorted treats from one of our River District specialty shops or bakeries may be the ticket and you may just be awarded gift giver of the year.

charcuterie platter


The River District has something for everyone and if by the end of the day you haven’t found the perfect gift for the hardest to buy for person or you’ve found too many gifts and can’t decide which is usually the case, make it simple and come to City Hall Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and pick up a River District Gift Certificate which makes the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion, any time of year.

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