Sunday, March 19, 2023 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $100

Collagraphy is a basic, yet versatile printmaking process in which a textured plate is inked up and put through a press. It’s so versatile you can make plates from cardboard packaging, tetrapak cartons, and clear plastic clamshell produce boxes. Make art, not waste! We’ll explore various plate materials and how to make marks with simple tools like craft knives. We’ll look at how to ink and wipe those plates with proper technique. Students will learn how to pull their prints on both an etching press and on a pasta maker (how fun is that!?). Studio etiquette, protocols, and best practices will be introduced throughout. Participants will leave with an appreciation of the fun and versatility of collagraph printmaking and an edition of 5 or more prints on fine paper. This class is the first instalment in the “Kitchen Printshop Series” where we will explore ways to make printmaking more attainable for those without access to a studio or specialist tools. WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING Wear clothes to get messy in All materials provided ACCESSIBILITY Hand strength and coordination required Wheelchair accessible