Wednesday, September 14 6:00 PM - Wednesday, November 16, 2022 9:00 PM
Cost: $65

We will be making four cards based on the Hedy Kyle design called a “Crown Greeting Card”. It is a blend of a pop-up and easel structure that allows you to swap out the 15 cm x 15 cm message area. It’s a very useful structure for displaying small works of art (which can be folded in half) all year round! Let’s just say it’s going to take up some space on the mantel of whomever you deem cool enough to receive your cards. To decorate the message area, we will explore the world of Chigiri-e, which is making collages with torn Japanese tissue paper. We will learn about water tearing, dry tearing, and how to apply adhesive to your torn paper so that you don’t lose your feathery edges! WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING Wear clothes to get messy in ACCESSIBILITY Hand strength and coordination required Wheelchair accessible

Event image CARD JAM - CHIGIRI-E