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Why choose Eco-Friendly Products?

At Happy Earth, we want to keep the earth spinning and at the same time keep us spinning with it. For too long we have functioned as a disposable society. We buy, we throw out and we give it no after thought. Happy Earth has been searching for products and companies that are more earth friendly, innovative and care about the big picture.

We also support local vendors of hand made, small batch items that can be purchased for the Owen Sound and surrounding area. As shopping small batch and shopping local helps reduce emissions that come from transporting goods from far away. Not to mention they are not being mass produced in factories that are also spewing out daily emissions. You will also find that Bohemian Standard is still going strong and Happy Earth will be carrying some of their boutique thrift and sustainable fashion products in store!

Happy Earth cares about the community, the world and the next generations who will inhabit it.

Let's all be sustainable super heroes.

Hours of operation

Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.